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KAVR-151 [VR] My Girlfriend Is A Popular Adult Video Actress, The Kind That Makes Everyone Jealous, And Her Name Is Himari Kinoshita, And She’s A Super Kissing Fiend And A Spoiled Little Brat And Her Sexual Drive And Desires To Make Me Her One And Only Exclusive Man Are Super Strong … She Loves To Spread Her Beautiful Legs And Big Ass And Mount Me And Get Her Ass Pumping For Some Super Stimulating Lovey-Dovey Sex And I Can’t Imagine A Better Life Together Than This.


Release Date: Mar. 29, 2021
Runtime: “87min.  (HD: 87min.)”
Director: Kuwatti
Studio: kawaii
Content ID: kavr00151
Series: VR BEST
Languages: Japanese
Actress(es): Himari Kinoshita (Himari Hanazawa)