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AJVR-115 [VR] I Was Jacking Off When This Elder Sister Type Suddenly Showed Up In Her Underwear And Gave Me An Ear Licking / French Kiss / Face-Licking-Filled Round Of Rich And Deep Sex (In The Raw) After A Face-Licking Handjob And A Titty Fuck, And Then Some Face-To-Face Fucking And A Face-Licking Missionary Position Fuck And Some Backdoor Banging And Slow, Tip-Dipping Sex, I Switched Gears To Some High-Speed Pussy-Pumping Piston Cowgirl Sex (Creampie Sex Of Course) Kurea Hasumi


Release Date: Apr. 29, 2021
Runtime: “67min.  (HD: 67min.)”
Director: Taro Koara (Wa)
Studio: Alice JAPAN
Content ID: ajvr00115
Series: I Was Jerking Off When An Erotic Elder S…
Languages: Japanese
Actress(es): Kurea Hasumi