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3DSVR-0884 [VR] You’re Living Together With Your Macho And Sado Orgasmic Girlfriend Every Morning, She Makes You Train With Her, And Then She D***ks Your Cum As A Protein Powder Substitute And At Night, She’ll Hold You Tight And Squeeze Every Last Drop Of Your Semen Out Of You … In Many Ways, Is This An Excessively Overpowering Lovey-Dovey Sexual Relationship With Your Excessively Strong Girlfriend? Yota Chan


Release Date: Apr. 01, 2021
Runtime: “89min.  (HD: 89min.)”
Director: Inoue Japan
Studio: SOD Create
Content ID: 13dsvr00884
DVD ID: 3DSVR-0884
Languages: Japanese
Actress(es): Chan Yota